Thursday, 17 March 2011

ohh isha ,its me ,lolx ? haha

my name is isha , but u can call me aisyah .thats my real name .hihi 
im just 14 n going 15 
u all know what ?
i always waiting for one person that wont hurt me either ,it must be awesome
but i know ,that just a dream ,wont happen
i dont too like boys ,but i like to be they friend . i hate girl ,bcoz they such a bitch ,just a few 
I does not like people that want seize rights of people 
especially that person married, because seize the rights of people sin,it just not sin , but great sin ,so done well in your life friends :) 
im not a heartless person ,but im a loving person 
i will love people that i known , even though she/he was my enemy . thats is me , i hate people hurt people that i love , 
im too good enough to forgive u stupid 
but im not fool enough to trust u suck !!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Chill girl. One day, someone will come to you as a love, not an enemy.